Storytime: Monsters

Books I used:
The Monster’s Monster, Patrick McDonnell
Leonardo the Terrible Monster, Mo Willems
Monsters Love Colors, Mike Austin
Bedtime for Monsters, Ed Vere


Rhymes, flannels, and songs:
10 little monsters, to the familiar tune
If You’re a Monster and You Know It, action lyrics by me
We used stomp your claws, swipe your paws, and give a roar
5 little monsters, flannel board, here


Open ended art. I got the idea from a friend and early childhood educator. I attached two sets of googly eyes to a sheet of paper and let them draw whatever monsters they wanted.


And it went:
Well! I was a little uneasy since my audience today was small and young- I was expecting 10 preschoolers and instead I got 3 3 year olds. They loved the monster books and they loved all the opportunities to roar. I almost cut “The Monster’s Monster,” because it’s on the long side, but I went for it and they got really into it.


The craft may have been too open ended for this age group. One of them went to town, but the others seem frustrated at the lack of direction, so I suggested they pick a monster from our books to draw, which seemed to help.


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