Felt Board: Sloths

I have a strange and intense love for sloths.

Hello, I love you.

But who wouldn’t? Look at that face. And after’s discovering Jenny Offill’s adorable Sparky, I got the idea into my head of having a sloth themed storytime. But what’s a storytime without a felt board?

I started looking for a sloth template- my artistic ability starts and ends with cutting out shapes other people have drawn- and it was no easy task. Eventually I found this great free-for-use embroidery template. I cut off the baby’s head (sorry, baby) and it. was. perfect.

In an ideal world, the hair and accent lines would have been embroidered. But who has that kind of time? I used neon colors of felt and puffy painted them and you know what?

A labor of love.

I’m pretty pleased with the result.

I wrote a rhyme for them- can you believe next to no one has done a sloth felt board? Me neither, friends. Me neither. Anyway, here’s Five Lazy Sloths.

I leave them on my desk to keep me company now.

Five lazy sloths laying on the floor
One fell asleep and then there were four
Four lazy sloths climbing up a tree
One fell down and then there were three
Three lazy sloths wondering what to do
One got lost and then there were two
Two lazy sloths not having any fun
One got up and then there was one
One lazy sloth couldn’t wait ‘til day was done
He went to bed and now there are none.


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