Books I’m Enjoying: August

I’ve been reading a lot this summer, but haven’t blogged about any of it. Whoops! So far this summer I’ve LOVED:

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Better Nate Than Ever, Tim Federle: Upper elementary-middle school. Realistic fiction. Nate is convinced that he’s the Next Big Thing and the only way to prove it to his disbelievers- his parents, his track star brother, and basically everyone at his school- is to sneak into the auditions for ET: The Musical (with the help of his best friend).

Five, Six, Seven, Nate! Tim Federle: Upper elementary-middle school. Realistic fiction. Despite all the odds, Nate has secured a spot in the chorus and as ET’s understudy for ET: The Musical. Now navigating the ins and outs of theater life and living with his aunt in New York, Nate isn’t sure he’s ready for this… or the gifts he’s been getting from a secret admirer.

Rules, Cynthia Lord: Upper elementary-middle school. Realistic fiction. No toys in the fish tank. If someone says hi, you have to say hi back. Catherine is prepared for just about any situation that may arise with her autistic younger brother, but she’s not as prepared for the situations life deals her- including making new friends, befriending the mute boy at her brother’s occupational therapy sessions, and being a patient older sister.

Touch Blue, Cynthia Lord: Life on an island is rough, especially when its small population threatens the island’s only school. In an effort to keep the school open, several island families take on foster children. Tess is eager for Aaron to arrive, but when he finally does, he isn’t anything like she was hoping for. With a little luck, and a lot of trial and error, Tess begins to figure out how to make Aaron feel at home on the island.

See a trend? When I find a book I like, I usually end up reading everything that author’s written. It’s been Tim Federle and Cynthia Lord this month. And they were all wonderful! I can’t wait to get these into the hands of some of my readers.


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