Flannel Friday: Seeing Stars

This week my flannel board is part of a larger, special program: Family Campfire! We read some stories, played some games, and I shared this flannel board that kept the kiddos entranced from beginning to end.

Exciting, right?

All it takes is just a few felt stars- seven of one size and one smaller. I told the Wasco Native American legend How Coyote Places the Stars. I used a few different versions, but I largely based my rendition on this source.

How Coyote Places the Stars is fun because the “stars” he places eventually form the constellation we call the Big Dipper:



As I told the story, I placed the animal characters- the bears and wolves- in the appropriate place on the board (which is just the typical green and blue mini board covered with double sided sticky tape and black felt), eventually forming the constellation. The drive the connection home, I shared an image of the Big Dipper afterwards and encouraged them to look for it with their parents.



This story was a HUGE hit and I’m not sure it would have been successful without the felt as a guide. It meant that I didn’t have to use too many abstract directions in the story, which cleaned up the narrative, and the extra felt element was a little unexpected for my older kids.


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