What’s Going On at the Library?

September is a fun month for me. I started working in the whirl of summer reading and now I have a chance to sit back and decide what to do with my programming time. I’m looking forward to introducing a new series of programs to my system in 2015- Sensory Storytime- and reaching a new audience.

With school starting, I’ve had to chance to begin doing outreach for some of the kiddos in my community and I’m beginning ECRR presentations for local childcare providers. Those are my only programs this month, so I’ve also got a few new flannel boards in the works (Caps for Sale anyone?) that I’m excited about.

What’s a librarian with free time to do? Hmm… READ! Here are some things I’ve read and loved in September:

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Sisters, Raina Telgemeier: A companion to the graphic novel, Smile, Sisters follows Raina, her younger sister and brother, and her mom on a road trip. Addresses sibling rivalries, those awkward tween years, and parental tension.

Fortunately, The Milk, Neil Gaiman: Things go awry when Dad is left in charge. No milk? A trip to the store to get some couldn’t be too exciting…

A Mango-Shaped Space, Wendy Mass: After Mia’s grandfather dies, Mia is adopted by a cat she calls mango. Why? Because Mia can see sounds and Mango meows… mango! Losing loved ones and growing up would probably be easier without synesthesia. Tissue alert! This one will getcha.

And one more that I’m crazy about that probably won’t appeal to the grade-school set:


Written by three children’s librarians/bloggers, Wild Things! is all about the funny (and sometimes racy) behind-the-scenes stories of children’s book. Absolutely a must-read for any kid lit lover with a sense of humor.


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