Flannel Extra: Name Plate

I’ve got to stop calling this flannel. I use felt! This wouldn’t work very well with flannel.

Sometimes, when I have too much time on my hands, I like to melt felt projects that aren’t very useful for kids. My desk in my Brand New Office has been looking a little bare- so I brought in a family picture, some nice bowls for my collection of office supplies, and I made myself a little name plate!


I don’t have any progress pictures because I didn’t intend to post this- but it’s so simple! As you can see from the picture, I did just fine and I can only sew passably well.

You might say my sewing skills are… so-so.


Alright, so this is what you need: three identical rectangles of felt (mine are 2″ x 8″), stencils or a steady hand, felt in a color different from the rectangles, embroidery floss, and a hot glue fun. Your color scheme is up to you! I went with navy and dove gray felt and a white embroidery floss. Optional: Buttons or other embellishments. My name was centered, but I accidentally glued the first two letters too close together and a lot of space left at the end. Oops!


First, you need a triangle. Sew two rectangles together to form a flap. Sew the third rectangle to create a flat base. Essentially, it should be sewn so that, no matter which rectangle you were to remove, the remaining two would flap open and closed like a book.

Assemble your name! I printed mine out in a sans-serif font, cut it out, taped it to the felt, and cut out the letters. I arranged them on my felt and glued them down. I noticed how poorly they were centered and glued some buttons down.


And that’s the whole thing!

It looks pretty cute in person and I’ve had requests to make some for friends. It’s the perfect desk decor for a children’s librarian!


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