Flannel Friday: Little Mouse

This is my buddy Little Mouse.


His hobbies include eating fine cheeses, scurrying behind furniture, and getting lost in various felt boards.

I imagine a lot of us have Little Mouses. He’s usually behind a series of different colored houses, which is swell, because it’s so easy to rhyme! What else can you hide him behind? A blue louse? A green grouse?

No, thanks.

The kids in my outreaches LOVE this game, so I like to mix it up for them. As you may have guess, this month I’m doing fall leaves!

DSCN2751I like to tell a little story: Little Mouse loves fall! When all the leaves fall from the trees, he likes to jump into leaf piles. He’s so small, that sometimes he gets stuck behind a big, heavy leaf. Can we help him get out? Then we ask: Little Mouse, Little Mouse, are you stuck behind the (color) leaf?

The story gives good opportunity to talk (What happens to leaves in the fall? What colors do they turn?) and, with small groups, it’s a good participatory game. They can take turns pulling down a leaf (or a house, or a cupcake, or whatever) or hiding him. This game can also be made easier (letting his head stick out) for the quite small or harder (hide him completely or all but the tip of his tail) for the not-so-small. It’s a winner!



7 thoughts on “Flannel Friday: Little Mouse

  1. Too cute, I never thought of hiding the mouse behind the leaves…but I am doing the mouse and the house for story time this coming week. May have to hide him behind the leaves for another program. Thanks for the idea. ~ jane

  2. Hi there, I was wondering if I could include the picture from this post in a round-up I’m doing on Jbrary? Of course I would include a shoutout to you and a link back to your blog. Let me know if that would be okay with you!

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