Books I’m Enjoying: December

My favorite picture book this year is one that doesn’t have any pictures at all.



The Book With No Pictures: B.J. Novak

Which is no surprise. It’s been a huge hit with all of the wonderful librarians in the Storytime Underground facebook group and it went over famously with the kids in my outreach storytimes. They requested I reread it and laughed even harder the second time I read it. I’ve never seen a group of kids have a more visceral reaction to a book before.

And that’s the brilliance of B.J. Novak- he does it all with no pictures. The typography is lovely, of course, but when you’re reading to a group of pre-readers, the type is much more for the reader than for the kids.

I plan on including this one is many, many storytimes to come and I encourage anyone who’s hesitating to give it a try! Even if the kids don’t glom onto it the same way, no kid can resist laughing at the phrase “boo boo butt!”


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