Make Snow Dough!

I was really looking forward to my snow science crafts program (post on that tomorrow!), but there was one minor setback. Despite weeks of freezing temperatures, we had no snow! I decided we could just make some. I did the leg work on trying out two different snow dough recipes and I’d like to share my results with you.

The method is the same for both- start with a pile of shaving cream on a plate or tray and sprinkle your solid over the top. Squeeze it between your fingers to mix it up, adding more shaving cream or powder as needed.

Recipe One
Baking soda
Shaving cream

It also looks like mashed potatoes.
It also looks like mashed potatoes.

This dough came together REALLY easily. After the first few squishes, it doesn’t stick to your hands much at all, but what does stick washes off without any problems. This dough was the easiest to make.

Once it’s made it’s cool to the touch and pure white like fresh snow! It’s got a moist, crumbly consistency that feels very similar to slushy snow. It doesn’t hold together very well and is messy to play with because of that.

Recipe Two
Shaving cream

Less like taters, more like dough.
Less like taters, more like dough.

I thought this dough was kind of a pain to mix up. The cornstarch dusted everything nearby (similar to flour) and was very sticky. It’s harder to wash off because cornstarch globs up when it’s mixed with water.

Once it’s combined (which still only takes a few minutes), it’s very cool. It feels a lot like moon dough! It hold shape really well and doesn’t crumble as easily, so it’s less messy to play with. It’s also cool to the touch but the consistency and color are not really very snow-like.

I went with the first recipe for this program because I really wanted to reproduce snow, and this one nailed it. Since this part of the program was more about making the dough than playing with it, I also liked that it was the less messy option for dough creation. I will probably still use the second recipe in the future.

As a bonus, no matter which one you make, you hands will smell great all day!


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