Flannel Friday: The Three Foolish Wishes

No rhymes this week! Instead, I made a flannel board for one of my favorite folk tales.

All you need is an old man..

.photo 1 (11)

…and old woman…

photo 2 (9)

…and a hotdog!

photo 3 (8)

The story is The Three Foolish Wishes or The Ridiculous Wishes or just The Wishes. It’s the story of an old man (who is a woodcutter or a pauper or a weaver…) who is visited by a fairy (or a wood sprite or an angel or Jupiter…) who grants him three wishes! He dreams of all he could ever want, but accidentally uses his first wish wishing for a sausage because he is hungry.

Angry he’s squandered their chance for fortune, his wife lectures him and he grows angry. At this point, either he wishes the sausage on her nose out of frustration or she wishes it on his.

photo 4 (5)

Someone now has a sausage stuck to their nose and they spend their third wish removing it, leaving them no better than they started.

You can read it in all its many incarnations here! My favorite is the English version because its simplicity allows for so much freedom in retelling it (like making the sausage a hot dog; mustard optional).

You can see the whole Flannel Friday round-up here!
(Will be linked Saturday at 10 AM EST.)


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