Flannel Friday: Cardinals

Recently my grandma asked on facebook if anyone would like “lots of colorful yarn and pieces of felt.”

Yes! Sign me up for that one!

I don’t know why I assumed it would just be a little bit of felt, but as you can see…


I was mistaken.

I decided my first project with my new-found wealth of felt should be a project that reminds me of my grandma and late grandpa, so I chose to make a set of cardinals from Mel’s awesome pattern!

photo 2

As long as I can remember, my grandparents’ home has been filled with cardinals- even the occasional live one, thanks to their very cool window bird feeder! This seemed like an appropriate homage to the home I’ve spent so many hours in.

I’ve got lots of ideas for these little guys, including doctoring Two Little Blackbirds to Two Little Cardinals (be sure to give them both boy or gender neutral names, since the red ones are male!), and this fun rhyme from Preschool Rainbow:

There was one little bird in a little tree,
He was all alone and didn’t want to be,
So he flew far away, over the sea,
And brought back a friend to live in the tree.
(repeat with two little, three little, four little, and five little)

photo 3 (1)

Thanks for the felt, grandma!


4 thoughts on “Flannel Friday: Cardinals

  1. Love these adorable birds…I’ve been thinking of doing Robins. My late mother loved robins and I always think of her when I see them in the early spring! Thanks for a great post!

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