Great Idea: Movement Cards

I’m always on the search for more great movement activities for my many storytimes. We sing Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, play Follow the Leader, have dance attacks, and learn sign language together. Today I found another awesome idea to add to my stockpile of wiggly fun!


Movement activity cards are all over Pinterest, many of which are free to use, like the ones I found, and it would be so easy to make your own! I assume. I didn’t make mine because it’s even easier to just print and cut someone else’s, but to each her own, right?

photo 3

I used them this morning in toddler storytime and they were a HUGE HIT. We had a VERY active group this morning and we had so much fun acting out all of these animals. We’re also building their vocabulary with words like “bound” and “slink,” and their background knowledge as we introduce gazelles and ostriches. Like any good storytime activity, it’s a real multitasker.

photo 2

We did them as kind of a game. Each child took turns pulling out a new card, telling me what the animal was, and trying to make the animal sound- emphasis on trying. Can anyone tell me what sound an ostrich makes?

photo 1

What kinds of movement activities are you trying in your storytimes?


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