Program: Artsy Fartsy

Last month my school age art club was on an art style, pointillism. This month we focused on an artist that many of us know and love- Eric Carle!

photo 1

Eric Carle’s process is a collage style. He creates his own textured paper with paint and other tools and uses that and tissue paper to create his vibrantly beautiful illustrations.

I split the program into three parts. First, we each picked an Eric Carle book from my display and looked through it. Then we picked a favorite picture in our books to share with everyone else. At this point I introduced a new art word: texture! We talked about what it meant and where we saw it in the books.1795_LG

Then we created our own textured paper using a variety of tools: paintbrushes, coffee filters, puffballs, toothpicks… All sorts of odds and end I had lying around in the art room cabinets.

photo 5 (1)While that was drying, we used paper I had created the day before to make some collages. I didn’t go all out for my paper. I painted 25 sheets of card stock different ways to get the texture and left it at that. All the colors looked something like this:

photo 4

Painting all of that paper took about an hour, but I really enjoy mindless artsy tasks, so it was fun for me. I do think that with an older group that’s more paint-conscious you would be able to use the paper they’ve painted. But with younger kids? It’ll probably take too long to dry.

photo 3

The end results were SO FUN! Some of them tried to imitate the pictures they found in the books while others created something entirely original. I received some lovely comments from parents who enjoyed that their kids were working with new mediums and learning about different styles of art. It’s so much fun to see this program grow; I can’t wait for next month!


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