Flannel Friday: Five Little Ducks

When I was making my first felt board in grad school, I’d never heard of Flannel Friday. I had no idea about the dozens of awesome librarians, moms, and educators who make felt boards not just for early literacy practices, but because they’re super fun to make. I’ve learned a lot from this community and I think my latest felt creation displays that.

A year ago, I made a felt board version of Five Little Ducks for my internship. It was cute, worked just fine, and I was very proud of it (I’m not exactly crafty).


I didn’t really notice that their button eyes make them look dead inside or that you could see the permanent marker outline around the edges. I did notice, however, that that blue duck? Was almost the exact same shade of blue as the flannel board I was using.


This week, I’ve been working on an early literacy kit for the “singing” practice. I’m including a felt board and what better board to make than an updated version of one of my favorite preschool songs?

This time I picked bright colors of felt, lost the button eyes and the permanent marker, and checked the color of my flannel board before I made them.


And here are my Brand New duckies! Who would guess these were even made by the same person?

Thanks almost entirely to Flannel Friday, I can felt with the best of them and I can finally call myself crafty! Well. With at least one craft, anyway.


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