(Not So) Flannel Friday: Ribbon Sticks

I don’t have any new felt boards to share this week, but I do have a take on the popular ribbon sticks. Sometimes these involve a dowel rod or a shower curtain ring (all genius), but I had neither of those on hand when I decided I REALLY REALLY needed some about an hour before my music and movement storytime.

So hot glue + scraps of ribbon + craft sticks became…


My very own ribbon sticks!

I put a line of hot glue on each stick, pressed the ribbon into it until it hardened, and then put a layer of hot glue over it.


Not the fanciest, but it took twenty minutes from start to finish and they are holding TIGHT. It was a great way to start working through our billions of spools of ribbon and naturally a very fun addition to “Shake Your Body Down.”

I also have a bonus activity! Animal Yoga has quickly become one of my favorite activities for any storytime. We draw a card, imitate the animal pose (like stretching up as tall as we can to be a giraffe- some are easier than others!) and take a few deep breaths while holding the pose.


On the last breath, we either make the animal sound nice and loud or do the animal action (trumpeting for an elephant, hopping for a frog). This works well as a transition or calm down between books or as a game down all at once.

You can catching the whole Flannel Friday round-up at Mel’s Desk!


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