Flannel Friday: Fall Is Not Easy!

FullSizeRender (1)
Falling off the sides of my travelling felt board because I’m perpetually too lazy to get up and take into the storytime room with the full size flannel board.

I’m pretty sure everyone and a half has done a flannel version of “Fall Is Not Easy,” but for good reason. It’s awesome. It’s a book you can pull out at any storytime and know it will absolutely be a hit because kids are on board with anything silly, no matter the time of year.

I didn’t flannelize every page (all the ones I did are pictured) because my artistic talent is limited (REALLY limited). I love the book so much that I plan to use the flannel story in conjunction with the book, as a way of retelling and, post-storytime, letting the kids play with the pieces themselves. This book is so popular and we only have two copies in the system though, so the flannel version is also a great stand-in for when I pick my books late (what, you mean no one else picks their books the day before storytime?) and it’s checked out.


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