Flannel Friday: Storage Pocket!

I use my travel felt board all the time in my outreach storytimes but it’s a real pain to keep track of all the pieces. I keep them in baggies or pockets in my purse, but things still get lost- few things are more disappointing than telling the group it’s time to play Little Mouse and then not being able to locate Little Mouse (at this point, a little voice piped up, “I have a piece of yarn!” He did and it actually worked fine). I want everything all in one place and so I made myself a pocket!

This shade of dingy blue-grey is so unappealing in person, which is why it gets to live on the back of the board.

I definitely forgot to take progress pictures, so I recreated the steps with a post-it.

All you need is felt and glue. Start by measuring and cutting two symmetrical squares from the bottom corners.

Your glue will go along the flaps you just made, so make sure they’re big enough to glue down without gluing your fingers together. About a half-inch is sufficient.


Starting with the bottom, glue along the bottom lip. The glue goes on the top side of the fabric. Fold the lip underneath itself, then repeat the process on the sides. You might want to pin your sides straight while you glue, but be careful not to glue the pins to the felt!


At this point you should have a pocket that looks like this! You can leave it like this or glue along the sides to make a more secure pocket.

IMG_4353 (1)

And that’s it! This probably took about ten minutes from start to finish and hopefully I’ll never lose another Little Mouse again!


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