2016 Blogging Goals

Most of what I end up blogging is random rather than planned. What I feel is useful, things I might like to see on someone else’s blog, what I have time for… My number one goal for 2016 is to start blogging more intentionally. I’m going to break that down into 3 smaller goals.

  • Twice a month, I’m going to read a children’s book (anything other than fiction picture books) that is outside of my typical comfort zone. I love realistic fiction (at every age level) and recognize that I really need to branch out. I’ll blog my reviews every month too.
  • Blog about my storytime plans. Books, rhymes, crafts, what works and what doesn’t- it’s all going to be posted.
  • Participate in one Flannel Friday a month.

My goals feel small now but when I look back at how sporadic my entries are, I think they might actually prove to be a bit of a challenge!


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