2016 Goals, Revisited

Do you ever have one of those days?

Do you ever have one of those weeks? Months? Six months?!

Way back at the beginning of 2016, I set some blog goals for myself and I have failed in a truly spectacular fashion. I thought about it every time I reviewed a book on goodreads, but not here. Every time I made a felt board I didn’t post. Every storytime I didn’t publish. Eventually it was easier to just ignore that nagging feeling than it was to do the work to catch up.

Who hasn’t taken on one too many projects and found other things suffering? I neglected my blog, but my programs have flourished. I’ve been doing some really cool things in my library that I can’t wait to (eventually) share with you! But those super cool things have required attention I couldn’t dedicate to other projects, like here, or things I’ve said no to personally and professionally.

I’m a relatively new librarian- just over two years as a professional. It’s hard for me to admit when I’ve got too much and have to step back. I’m still figuring out what “too much” means to me. It’s a balancing act. And I don’t have the years to back this statement up, but I’m going to guess it’s the same for a lot of you too.

So here is my goal for the rest of 2016: Forgive yourself. Acknowledge you cannot possibly do all things at once and that when trying to means something else will suffer, step back, and forgive yourself.

(and maybe eventually remember to share your felt boards on flannel friday because it’s fun)


Preschool Storytime: Eggs

“Eggs” is a theme I find myself repeating time and again. There’s so many cool things that come out of eggs and so many great books about those things!

We read..

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Early Bird by Toni Yuly
Whose Egg? by Guy Troughton

We Sang…

Hello/Goodbye, Friends
If You’re Ready for a Story
an You Shake Along With Me?
Shake It to the East
Everyone Can Shake, Shake, Shake

We Wiggled…

Two Little Blackbirds
Open, Shut Them
These Are My Glasses

We Made…

I don’t have an example of my craft but it’s SO EASY and I love it. All you need is brown paper, white paper, glue, and crayons! We tore the brown paper into strips (such a great activity to build those little finger muscles) and glued that down however we wanted to make a next. With the crayons we drew one of the many awesome things we read about in Whose Egg?, one of my favorite nonfiction books.

It Went…

Uuuuum AMAZING! I am a big believer that the librarian/storytime presenter needs to love their topic and this one is so fun for me. I love the books- Toni Yuly is a favorite you’ll see again soon- and I love the craft. Everyone had a great time (almost too great- I did have a third book planned, but we had to skip it).