Preschool Storytime: On Your Mark, Get Set, Read!

In the summer, I occasionally try to tie storytime themes to the summer learning theme, but it can provide a challenge I am sometimes not up for. I don’t particularly care for athletics but I do like storytime. I don’t see a very compelling reason for using themes I’m not interested in, BUT this was the first storytime of our Summer Learning Program, so I embraced it.

We read…

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Stuck by Oliver Jeffers
Froggy Play T-Ball by Jonathan London
Maisy Learns to Swim by Lucy Cousins

We Sang…

Hello/Goodbye, Friends
If You’re Ready for a Story
mm Ahh Went the Little Green Frog
Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes
Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

We Wiggled…

Open, Shut Them
These Are My Glasses
My Thumbs Are Starting to Wiggle

We made…

We did a traditional outdoor activity… We made chalk drawings! Black paper, chalk, done. Super easy, very popular.

How It Went…

We had so many new faces today! A lot of kids very new to storytime, so we ended up cutting Froggy and Maisy short and spent a lot of time singing instead. If Zoom, Zoom, Zoom isn’t the most popular storytime song, I don’t know what is.


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